EMDR Therapists

FCTRT Inc is made up of EMDR professionals from our community. There are many ways to get involved.

1) We keep an ever-growing referral list. To be a part of this list you must have a thorough knowledge of First Responder culture and be approved by at least one core member of FCTRT. The therapists on this list agree to field First Responder calls as a 911 call. This means fast response time and a willingness to work with the person to make sure that finances do not interfere with their receiving services. It has been our experience that in general they have good insurance, often Health Savings Accounts (HSA) accounts and that finding a balance for both First Responder and clinician has not been a problem.

2) Become a member of the FCTRT Inc. To do this you must register with us as a volunteer. This is easy to do and does not obligate you to any activity. You will always be asked and have the option of declining. Activities you can get involved in include:

  • Outreach to First Responder organizations
  • Training First Responders to identify and deal with trauma
  • Fundraising to support our efforts
  • Quarterly FCTRT Inc meetings
  • Organizing other FCTRT Inc events and conferences

FCTRT Inc also provides a rich experience to EMDR clinicians:

  • Professional training often at a reduced fee or no fee:
    – Traumatology
    – EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) trauma protocols
    – Working with First Responders
  • Community building with other dedicated EMDR professionals wanting to give back and support First Responders