Psychotherapist Volunteers

Why should EMDR Therapists volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer with FCTRT Inc provides you with a number of opportunities. Volunteers receive training in the neurobiology of traumatic stress, methods for stabilization and effective post-disaster treatment, techniques for working collaboratively with disaster response teams, and Early EMDR Interventions that can be used within hours, days, or weeks of a traumatic event.

Therapists’ Qualification Criteria

In order to be a volunteer with the FCTRT Inc and provide pro-bono treatment, clinicians must meet the following criteria:

1. You must have completed EMDRIA Approved EMDR Basic Training with the 10 hours of Consultation.
2. You must have attended R-TEP Early EMDR intervention training course.
3. You have completed at least 100 hours of direct EMDR clinical work.
5. You are a licensed therapist in the state of Connecticut and carry up-to- date malpractice insurance. Copies of these must be provided to Michael Crouch, LCSW at annually.
6. You have downloaded the forms to be used with clients (and are familiar with them) Note: this section to be completed shortly.

NOTE: EMDR Clinicians who have completed EMDR Basic Training, and work for an agency, may be part of the network and participate in the training and administration. However, they cannot volunteer to provide pro-bono counseling until they meet the above requirements or until their agency provides written acknowledgment that they are covered to provide services under the agency’s liability insurance.

DOWNLOAD THE VOLUNTEER FORM (this form is fillable)

Fill out the form and submit it to:

Michael Crouch, LCSW at via email attachment or by phone at (203) 961-1152

or Fax to:

Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D. at (203) 329-2701