Our Mission: FCTRT is a nonprofit alliance of mental health professionals dedicated to helping First Responders and the Connecticut community heal from trauma, tragedy, and stress.


It all started with a tragic event in 2011. The Stamford, CT Christmas day fire had the brave firefighters reeling. These strong men and women had to cope with the fatality of three children and two adults on Christmas morning. Many had their own families waiting at home to celebrate. The Firefighters reached out for help and the seven trauma therapists who responded banded together to become FCTRT Inc. We are a nonprofit alliance of mental health professionals in Fairfield County CT. We provide best practice trauma counseling, education and peer support services. Our goal is to promote healing and wellness as our First Responders manage community crises and the everyday demands of ensuring public health and safety.


Get Help

Are you a First Responder? Reach out here if you need help dealing with duty-induced stress of the job. We offer several ways to improve your emotional well-being and allow you to continue to do the job you love. FCTRT recognizes the service and sacrifices you make to take care of us all.

Let us support you.

  1. When there is a community disaster we offer three free therapy sessions.
  2. We offer free on-going support groups. One is dedicated to First Responders and the second is for spouses and partners of Public Service workers.
  3. Referral to a highly trained trauma informed therapist, who is familiar with First Responder culture.


Each year there are more suicides among First Responders than line of duty deaths. This does not have to be the case! Please join us in our effort to keep our Public Safety workers – our hometown heroes – emotionally resilient and mentally strong as they protect us every day and especially at times of crisis.

Individuals or charitable organizations can get more information or donate here.

Thank you for your support!


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