Are you on the front lines of Covid-19 in Fairfield County CT? Let us support you. FCTRT is offering Healthcare Professionals and First Responders short-term free support. All you need to do is ask.

FCTRT serves First Responders and our community. We provide education to build resilience, trauma-informed mental health treatment to facilitate healing and post-traumatic growth, and support to reduce the stigma for asking for help.


FCTRT Inc. is a nonprofit alliance of mental health professionals in Fairfield County CT. We provide best practice trauma counseling, education and peer support services that promote healing and wellness as our First Responders to manage a crisis and the everyday demands of ensuring public safety.

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Are you on the front lines of Covid-19 in Fairfield County CT? Let us help with Three Free online therapy sessions. We are also offering support groups to Healthcare Professionals and First Responder organizations. FCTRT recognizes the service and sacrifices you are making to take care of all of us. Let us support you.


Individuals or charitable organizations can get more information or donate here. Please join us in doing the important work of keeping our Public Safety workers emotionally resilient and mentally strong as they protect us every day and especially at times of crisis. Thank you for your support!

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