Accomplishing our Mission

The process is three-fold:

  • Develop and maintain an organized and prepared county-wide network of EMDR clinicians who are ready to respond to a natural or manmade disaster with Early EMDR Intervention treatment.
  • Provide training and development of network clinicians in state-of-the-art emergency response and Early EMDR Interventions that are being used successfully in the field all over the world.
  • Develop liaisons with First Responder organizations and Emergency Response teams. Educate the disaster response community about the benefits of utilizing Early EMDR Interventions. Learn how, together, we can improve mental health services and provide best practice treatment to those who are victims of trauma.

What is a Trauma Response Team?

Our Trauma Response Team (TRT) is a permanent, expandable team of volunteer EMDR clinicians who are ready to respond with quality intervention.

We are constantly building a trained, organized and permanent team. By doing so now, disaster team clinicians will be in place knowing what to do and when to do it. We provide early EMDR intervention as well as help in the recovery phase of a disaster when the natural resiliency has served most people and those remaining with stress symptoms need something strong and effective.

Early EMDR Intervention works…


Fairfield County Trauma Response Team Inc (FCTRT Inc)

FCTRT Inc is a team of Fairfield County licensed, seasoned trauma therapists, trained in EMDR treatment and disaster response.

Our Primary Function

To serve First Responders; to provide them with training to identify trauma symptoms and to provide trauma treatment. Fire, Police, EMS, Medical Professionals, Mental Health Clinicians, Teachers, Clergy and Town Government Officials are all included in our definition of First Responders we work with.

Local Networking: Outreach to local Emergency Management organizations and participate along with the Emergency Services Network.

Local Disaster: Screen clients, provide trauma treatment sessions and arrange for continued care as needed.

Accomplishments: Since our inception in 2011 we have been deployed to 3 local disasters and offered many training sessions including:

  • Newtown/Sandy Hook: Provided treatment to Children, Families, Teachers, EMS, Fire Fighters, Police, State Troopers and Therapists.
  • Public Safety Officers: Led 136 pro bono training workshops for 20 first responder organizations.
  • Local Clinicians: Offered 7 free or reduced fee training to clinicians.
  • Held our first Clinician/First Responder day long conference: Trauma and Recovery for First Responders Communities coming together: Firefighters, Police, EMTs, Nurses, Physicians & Therapists

FCTRT Inc Clinicians

Karen Alter-Reid, PhD, Co-Coordinator 203-329-2701

Michael Crouch, LCSW Co-Coordinator 203-961-1152

Linda Rost, LCSW, Co-Coordinator 203-762-7970

Deborah A. Augenbraun, PsyD, MA
C. Susan Feuerwerger, LCSW
Cathy Fisher, LCSW

Jane Kistler, LCSW

Michele Lucas, LCSW

Susan Marcus, LCSW, SEP, HHC

Stacy Raymond, Psy. D

Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW

Dawn Roy, LCSW

Libby Schrieber, LCSW

Kimberly Sharpe, MA, LADC

Paige Stetson, LPC

Barbara Vogel, LMFT

Kate Wheeler, PhD

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