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Melissa in the Morning: Dealing with Grief During COVID
WICC 600, Aired on December 1, 2020

Melissa Sheketoff
WICC 600
On-Air Radio Host
Melissa in the Morning

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Trauma, Stress, And Resiliency: Conn. Health Workers Brace Themselves For The Pandemic’s Second Wave

‘I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical

Recovering from Trauma: Therapists Reflect on Their Work in Newtown


From left, Valerie Gillies, LCSW; Karen Alter-Reid, PhD and Michael Crouch, LCSW of the FCTRT Inc.

Changing the culture: Trauma treatment improves for Stamford firefighters

Photo: Matthew Brown / Hearst Connecticut Media

Wildland Firefighting: Everyone Goes Home

Read the email one of the surviving firefighters wrote to her EMDR therapist in the link below.

Wildland Firefighter EMDR story

Innovative Therapy Helps Minnesotans Recover from Trauma

TEDxGroningen talk on EMDR: Healing Trauma, Healing Humanity

TEDx Gramercy: Michael Crouch “The Cost of Courage”

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Can you benefit from EMDR Therapy?
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Eye Therapy to Tackle Military Stress
Can Eye Movements Treat Trauma?

Trauma Teams’ efforts across the Country

Helping the Staten Island Sandy Helpers
AzTRN provides intervention in AZ fatal shooting
Update on EMDR Work in Newtown
AzTRN’s response to the Yarnell Hill Wildfire Tragedy in AZ