Education for Public Safety Organizations

Pro Bono FCTRT Educational Presentation

First Responders are three times more likely than the general public to have physical health and mental health concerns. FCTRT’s presentations are designed to teach you about the duty-induced stress of your job, give you tools to improve resiliency and educate about how to find a trauma informed therapist should you need one.

Our presentations are pro bono and tailored to your service or work environment. Your job entails walking into stressful situations day after day. You will leave knowing the difference between a regular day on the job and stress overload. Our talks include the following information:

  • What is duty-induced stress (DIS)?
  • Why is it dangerous to your well-being to ignore DIS?
  • How to identify a problem in yourself or your colleagues?
  • Tools you can use to deal with the stress of the job.
  • How to find a qualified trauma therapist if you need one.