First Responders

FCTRT Inc’s primary function is to serve First Responders. To do this we provide training in identifying symptoms of severe stress and trauma, coping strategies to deal with these responses and provide specialized, confidential treatment when indicated. Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, Medical Professionals, Mental Health Clinicians, Teachers, Clergy and Town Government Officials are all included in our definition of First Responders.

Although, we work with a diverse group of First Responders, we know that there is a big difference between the individuals who choose each service. Our clinicians are specially trained in working with Public Safety workers. We know that you are very different than the general public, especially in your ability to cope with an extremely stressful work environment. However, this ability to compartmentalize the events of the job can also be a detriment when it comes to getting assistance when needed.

For that reason we work to provide:

Local Networking: Outreach to local Emergency Management organizations and participate along with the Emergency Services Network.

Local Disaster Relief: Offer between one and three free confidential sessions of, symptom informed, single episode trauma therapy after a qualifying local disaster. These services are provided by State of Connecticut licensed mental health professionals who have been specially trained in early EMDR intervention for traumatic events or disasters.

Provide On-going Support: Screen clients, provide trauma treatment sessions and arrange for continued care as needed. We maintain a carefully screened list of trauma informed therapists that you can access at any time from our contact page.

Run on-going First Responder peer support group.

Education: Work hand in hand with First Responder organizations to educate about duty induced stress and trauma.

Change the Culture: Make getting help for trauma acceptable and desirable.

Support First Responder Families: Work with family members who are being affected by the trauma experienced by a First Responder.

Run on-going spouse/partner support group.

Accomplishments: Since our inception in 2011 we have been deployed to 4 local disasters and offered many training sessions including:

  • Covid-19: Continue to provide support and treatment to Medical personnel, Clergy, Funeral Directors, Nursing Home staff as well as EMS, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, and Therapists.
  • Newtown/Sandy Hook: Provided treatment to Children, Families, Teachers, EMS, Fire Fighters, Police, State Troopers and Therapists.
  • Public Safety Officers: Led 160 pro bono training workshops for 25 first responder organizations, reaching 2,384 individuals.
  • Local Clinicians: Offered 10 free or reduced fee training to clinicians.
  • Held our first Clinician/First Responder day-long conference: Trauma and Recovery for First Responders Communities. Coming together: Firefighters, Police, EMTs, Nurses, Physicians & Therapists

TEDx Gramercy: Michael Crouch “The Cost of Courage”

Wildland Firefighting: Everyone Goes Home

From the video above, read the email one of the surviving firefighters wrote to her EMDR therapist in the link below.

AzTRN’s response to the Yarnell Hill Wildfire Tragedy in AZ