Fairfield County Residents

FCTRT Inc’s primary mission is to assist First Responders after local area disasters. While there is often adequate help available for the general public, First Responders have historically represented a neglected community, despite their frequent exposure to traumatic events, whether single incident or ongoing.  For more information on our work with First Responders go the page designed for you.

We understand that there are wider needs and that different types of disasters require different responses. After the Sandy Hook Shootings, we offered services to all; First Responders, local residents and children.

Another way we serve the public is in addressing the unique needs of First Responders’ family members. You are a critical support to your loved ones and often experience secondary trauma.

In addition we view Teachers, Therapists, Clergy, Medical professionals as First Responders when disaster occurs and we are available to you.

FCTRT Inc is organized in such a way that we can be flexible should a large scale need arise. In these situations we are available to:

Screen clients, provide trauma treatment sessions and arrange for continued care as needed.

We maintain a carefully screened list of trauma informed therapists that you can access at any time from our contact page.

Recovering from Trauma: Therapists Reflect on Their Work in Newtown


From left, Valerie Gillies, LCSW; Karen Alter-Reid, PhD and Michael Crouch, LCSW of the FCTRT Inc